Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Forex Trading Investment Partnership Programme 2019

Terms and Conditions
  1. Forex Trading Investment Partnership Programme 2019 - being organized by Next Millennium Hi-Tech Services - is an investment programme in which a participant (herein referred to as the Investor) can invest his funds on Forex trading for a pre-determined period of five (5) years while the Programme Coordinators (herein referred to as the Fund Managers) will utilize the invested funds to trade for profit.
  2. At the end of every year [or twelve (12) months], starting from the commencement of the programme, 50% of the income will be shared between the Investors and the Fund Managers while the remaining 50 % is invested further towards the next year [or twelve (12) months]. This process will continue until the fifth (5th) year (which is the last investment year) of the Investment Programme when the final income will be fully shared (i.e. 100%) and the programme ends for that investment programme.
  3. By participating in the Forex Trading Investment Partnership Programme 2019, an Investor confirms that s/he has read and agreed with the Forex Trading Investment Partnership Programme 2019’s rules, terms and conditions.
  4. For simplicity, the programme “Forex Trading Investment Partnership Programme 2019” shall be referred to as ForexTIPP 2019, as the case applies.
  5. To become a/an participant/investor in this ForexTIPP 2019, an investor has to register, as explained below.
  6. The registration for the investment starts on the Monday 5th day of November 2018 and ends on the Saturday 5th day of January 2019.
  7. This ForexTIPP 2019 trading programme starts on the Monday 14th day of January 2019 and ends on the Friday 29th of December 2023 (i.e. the programme will hold for five (5) calendar years.
  8. To facilitate this ForexTIPP 2019 (i.e. Forex Trading Investment Partnership Programme 2019), the investments will be in slots, in which every investor’s investment will be in slots. A slot is equal to USD$100.
  9. An investor can invest a minimum of 1 slot or a maximum of no-limit. That is, you can invest any amount of slots as you deem fit. 1 slot = USD$100 (or Naira equivalent as per the current exchange rate).
  10. At the end of every twelve (12) months, the income accrued to ForexTIPP 2019 shall be shared thus:
    1. 50% to the Investors/Fund Managers;
    2. 50% to be re-invested back into ForexTIPP 2019.
  1. The 50% being shared by the ForexTIPP 2019 Investors/Fund Managers will be shared as follows:
    1. 10% to cover the administrative charges
    2. 20% to the partners/participants/investors (according to the calculated number of slot invested by individual partner/participant/investor)
    3. 20% to the Fund Managers (i.e. Next Millennium Hi-Tech Services)
  1. The profit is NOT withdraw-able until the time specified by the Fund Managers in the rule (i.e. end of every quarter of the trading year).
  2. Also, the 50% balance being used for trading (after the monthly 50% profit has been shared by the Investors and Fund Managers) is non-withdrawable during the trading period and can ONLY be used for trading margin.
  3. The sharing of the profit will terminate at the end of the 5th year of the commencement of ForexTIPP 2019 (i.e. Friday 29th of December 2023).
  4. At the end of every trading half-year, the detailed outcome of the ForexTIPP 2019 trade will be sent to all Investors via e-mail so as to know the progress of their investment.
  5. To be an Investor in ForexTIPP 2019, you must invest at least 1 trading slot (i.e. US$100 or its NGN equivalent).
  6. Only the currently registered Investors can participate in any event whatsoever relating to the ForexTIPP 2019, unless otherwise stated by the Fund Managers.
  7. The Fund Managers has the right to disqualify, suspend, terminate, reject and/or refund any erring Investor(s) at any point in time during the process of the Forex trading programme (ForexTIPP 2019). Reasons for any of these actions can be following:
    1. Violation of the ForexTIPP 2019  rules;
    2. Misconduct or any form of action with the aim of destabilizing the progress of the ForexTIPP 2019 programme;
    3. Intentional use of possible errors or discrepancies of the system or in the ForexTIPP 2019 rules with the purpose of personal gain/promotion;
    4. Any fraudulent actions against the ForexTIPP 2019 and/or the Fund Managers.
  8. To participate, follow these procedures:
    1. Pay amount in Naira in equivalent of slot required to any of the Bank Accounts below.
    2. Text the following (through your mobile phone line):
                                                              i.      Name of depositor (must be the actual name of the Investor on the Bank teller),

                                                         ii.      Location (Town, State & Country)
                                                          iii.      Amount paid,
                                                          iv.      Number of slots,
                  v.         Bank paid to,
                vi.         Teller number,
              vii.         Account no. paid

=> to +234(0)8053410316
e.g. Oluyemi Hassan; Ojodu, Lagos, Nigeria; N1,460,000; 4 slots; ECOBANK Ikeja-Lagos, Nigeria; Teller No.231456; A/C No. 1583005281;
    1. These are the Bank Accounts to pay to:
                                                              i.      Bank Name:                ECOBank Nigeria Bank Plc.
Account name:            Next Millennium Hi-Tech Services
Account Number:       1583 005 281

    1. Also, send the following information via e-mail to ForexTIPP@gmail.com
Your Bank Name, Your Account Name and Account No. (e.g. Fidelity Bank, Ogba, Lagos, Nigeria; Ade Garba; a/c. no. 9876543210) in which you will want your profits/income to go into. (However, if you will prefer to collect your periodic profits through checks, then only your name and the address to which the check should be sent to will be required.)
  1. For more information on ForexTIPP 2019, contact:

  •    http://ForexInvestmentPartnership.blogspot.com
  •    David Adegbenro +234(0)8168682047, +234(0)8126156828
  •    ForexTIPP@gmail.com, nmhightech@gmail.com
  •    Equally, you can visit me personally in my office @ No 2, Tagoe Street, Off Lalubu Street, near OPIC Roundabout, Abeokuta. Ogun State, Nigeria for more briefings on ForexTIPP 2019. I will willingly gladly grant your audience. Pls., call when coming so that I will be around to wait for you.

Eight (8) Important Reasons You Must Invest in ForexTIPP 2019
1.    Other Forex Fund Managers ask for administrative charges from the investors before the investment can commence. However, we are not charging administrative charges before the trading investment but we are rather making it up through the profits in the trading investment. This will not allow the investing to be some kind of burden to the investors.
2.    The amount of income profit you will generate through this investment can NEVER be achieved if you fix the same amount in your bank’s fixed deposit account in the same period of time.
3.    Other Forex traders always quote large amount of money like $2,000; $5,000; or $10,000 etc. for you to deposit as your trading money. You don’t need to deposit such a large amount before we can start trading for you; all we need to start this investment trading is a pool of resources from investors. We are going to start trading for you with as little as US$100.
4.    Whenever you deposit/save your money in your bank, the bank trades with your money and generate profits in which they give you a tiny stipend, either on monthly or annual basis. You will only be seeing the banking executives living big on the profits they made from your money, after they had give you your microscopic share.
Now, you must decide whether you want to be trading with your money, earn and use your money for your own good.
5.    Everything in this life is a risk. Living is a risk. Walking is a risk. Travelling is a risk. Sleeping is a risk. Falling in love is a risk. Marriage is a risk. Having a baby is a risk (at least, all women can testify to that). Taking care of home is a risk. Venturing into a business is a risk. Even, eating and drinking poses a greater risk.
The money you are holding in your hand has a risk of being lost, wasted, mis-spent or stolen. Even, the money in your bank has a higher risk of being siphoned or embezzled, or even disappearing if and when the bank get bankrupted or liquidated.
So, why not take a simple risk of investing a small amount of your money (no matter how small) with us and see whether the risk will be worth it or not?
6.    You don’t need to tie down your money for a long period of years as fixed deposit without any visible gain. We will only trade with your money for just five (5) calendar years for you to make the kind of income you never dream about, and you will be collecting your dividends on annual basis.
7.    Finally, if you invest in ForexTIPP 2019, you will make five (5) annual income profits every year for five (5) consecutive years; and, in an increment way. The year 2020 and succeeding years will not be dry years in terms of your income. The decision is now yours!
8.    Now that you have known about this particular incoming opportunity in the year 2019 and ahead, don’t regret that you did not do what you should have done at the later point in the nearest future. If you take the right action right now by investing in this ForexTIPP 2019, I promise you that you won’t regret it!

Now, take a brief look (below) at the projected possible outcome of the ForexTIPP 2019.

Assuming USD$1,000 is invested in Year 1 of ForexTIPP 2019 and at the end of the investment year, the investment had increased on 200% projected accumulated profit.
The table below explains the profit accumulation and sharing for the five (5) investment year.





= 2XD

= D+E

= F/2

= F/5

= F/5

= F/10
Initial Investment
Annual Percentage Increment
Year of Investment

Investment at the beginning of the year (100%)
$1000 @ 200% Annual Simple Interest
 Amount Income (100% + 200%)
Invest towards next year (50%)
Investor's Income/Share (20%)
ForexTIPP Managers' Income/ Share (20%)
Administrative Charges (10%)

1st Year 2019


2nd Year 2020

3rd Year 2021

4th Year 2022

5th Year 2023